Must vote Trump out of office

By Mary Ollie, Bonners Ferry

In 2016, I saw first-hand how the earning power and economic opportunities my children had were less than I had at their age. I wanted a president who would focus on well-paying jobs, infrastructure improvements, and education.
“Make America Great Again” sounded good.

But Donald Trump is not who he claimed to be and he hasn’t done what he said he’d do. As a rural Republican Grandma, he does not share my values.

I was not raised to name call, belittle and bully, and neither were my children. It’s simply not acceptable, especially from a world leader. We are better than this.

Trump’s recent actions have increased my concerns about his values. Cutting the payroll tax means, plain and simple, the defunding of Social Security and Medicare.

When you add exploding the debt, undermining public education and crippling institutions like the U.S. Post Office, you’ve got a recipe for disaster, especially in our rural communities.

For the Republican Party to survive, and even thrive, it must do some soul searching. In order to put the “grand” back into the “Grand Old Party” we must vote President Trump out of office.

That’s why I’m supporting Joe Biden in November.