Boundary County’s centennial fair tainted by childishness and disrespect

​Our county fair is a great place for groups and businesses to display in rented booths messages that communicate many ideas, some of which may be in opposition.

Regardless of the variances in the messages, it is expected that all be shown respect.

Thus, it is demeaning to all who participate in the fair when some people from one booth take action to deface another group’s booth.

This happened to the Democrat Central Committee booth on three occasions during this year’s fair.

Not only was the booth defaced, but pictures were proudly taken of the action. The organization responsible has in its core values the phrases ”Promote a positive image” and “Respect diversity of opinions.”

Its members responsible need to make a public apology to the Democratic Central Committee. If they fail, the committee will find it necessary to contact the group’s national headquarters.

Boundary County Democratic Central Committee