Government needs enema, not euthanasia

Those who stand loudly proclaiming their demands for “liberty” but who have lost none should be ashamed of themselves, and that includes protests so small as deliberately choosing not to wear a mask in a pandemic.

It’s not “liberty” they clamor for; it’s their clinging to a flawed sense of superiority based on nothing they themselves are responsible for.

They’re not people living in a new land governed without representation from afar, but citizens of a representative government created by the founders of this nation.

Citizens enfranchised and able to take part in their own governance.

It’s not their liberty, it’s their deep seated fear of taking to heart the self evident truths proclaimed in the declaration that severed this country’s ties to King George and England and forged a new government dedicated to one key proposition that is at the core of their disenchantment.

Instead of doing anything constructive, those shouting loudest make up enemies where none exist, prepare for the end times and throw aside logic and common sense in favor of outlandish theories and ideas for just one thing, to remain a wee little bit more equal than “others.”

It’s not a grievance of merit, but selfishness pure and simple, always present but now encouraged by a president whose life of extreme privilege is founded on wealth he did not earn and a lifetime of selfishness in wielding it that gives him rare but jaundiced credibility with those who think themselves disaffected.

“He knows me,” they think, when in truth, he knows and cares only for himself.

Those who see through these teeming charades and speak out, most cursed, reviled and threatened, will one day be vindicated, but times will grow ever more interesting until the many seeing what’s happening but now saying nothing have no other choice but to stand up to end this national madness.

There is no denying that our government is ill, but it needs an enema, not euthanasia.

Piling up more and more lies, denying demonstrable truths and abasing the efforts of those institutions and dedicated individuals who serve the public with ability, credibility and distinction are not answers to fixing the government that is “the last best hope on Earth.”

It’s not the Constitution that’s broken, it’s that too many of those we elect to high office to uphold it are.

We should stand with the Constitution, not with those whom we elect to represent us who shirk at the task. Throw the money lenders out, not destroy the temple.

End the unreasonable perks of serving in our nation’s highest offices and oust those we elect who pander to narrow interests or their own egos. We don’t need public servants who seek office merely for prestige, to push their own interests or to line their own nests.

Elect instead individuals of stature, intellect and ability who recognize that public service is an obligation of citizenship, a sacrifice. A chore to be done and done well, as after their service, they will gratefully return home to live under the terms of their own efforts just as all other American citizens do.

Elect people who can set their own interests aside for the time they’re called away to serve. They are rare, but there are such upstanding people, most of whom wouldn’t think of wading into the national cesspool still waiting to be drained.

People who can dedicate their moral courage, their intellect and their best judgment to benefit “We the People,” the citizens of a great nation, all created equal.

With none any more or less equal than any other except by virtue of their own individual choices and actions.

Mike Weland, Publisher