Does not understand lack of communication between us

I’ve lived in North Idaho all but five of my 72 years. I was in law enforcement almost all of my 23 years of employment with the state of Idaho. I do not understand the lack of communication between people in our country anymore.

In Bonner County, outsiders like Heather Scott, Dan McDonald and Daryl Wheeler are trying to create an area of one point of view. Not an area of discussion or compromise for the common good but an area controlled by gun-carrying militia, whose allegiance and knowledge of the law is questionable.

The sheriff is supposed to be a keeper of the peace not a provoker of violence. We do not need Dan’s militia on the street with a made-up agenda.

If you have a problem wearing a mask to protect others from a virus you might be carrying and you don’t have a problem with armed individuals patrolling your streets to combat a made up crisis, get in line ahead of Dan, Darrell and Heather, because they’re behind most of the problems in the county.

We cannot defeat a virus or an enemy if we refuse to acknowledge the source. Trump was so busy cutting programs that were keeping us solvent, so he could reward his big money backers that we lost our standing as a leader in the world.

We should be leading the attack on this virus, but we no longer have the resources or knowledge to do the job. Trump has divided us, so much that we can’t focus on the job at hand, we just argue about who’s to blame.

Life matters, with liberty and justice for all.

George Thornton, Clark Fork