In the name of liberty, our liberties are under fire

By Mike Weland. Publisher

It has come to my attention that my name and likeness have been used without my knowledge on a supposed anti-Trump Facebook page or post, which also falsely implies connections with communism, Antifa and other isms unknown to me.

I assure all who see it that I did not create that page or any like it, that I have no role in its creation or content and that whoever is responsible is acting with malicious intent to defame my character and honor and abase my credibility as a news reporter and to deny me the ability to earn my living or, just as important, to serve my community in one of few ways left to me.

I sincerely regret that our our ability to disagree with dignity has fallen by the wayside and that our political discourse has reached such an abysmal nadir that simple difference of opinion leads to such overt yet inane attempt at character assassination.

It discredits our vaunted standing as good neighbors and undermines, not embellishes, our innate love of liberty and the freedom to think and speak as guaranteed by the first amendment of our constitution.

It should be a cause of deep concern for all thinking people who value the right to speak the truth as they see it.

What truly stings is that it appears there are people I know and have long held in esteem who choose to believe and who share the post and lend credibility to this outlandish and nonsensical libel.